Digital Media Production

The world is digital. And the natural progression of technology is to fuse digital entertainment media with software technology. We see this about us everyday.
Digital Media Production

But where can you find a software technology company that really understands digital media? Right here.

Tech Solutions USA, LLC has combined with the services of Troubled Clef Productions to provide complete systems for business that leverages not only the leading edge functionality of what Tech Solutions can produce, but also the audio and video media production services of the experts.

If you had ever considered putting video on your website, we can help. Or if your organization wanted to promote itself through digital audio media through a Podcast or any other form of 'home grown' radio production, we can get you from idea to broadcast in the fastest and least expensive way.

Studio By combining a huge library of in-house produced audio and video content, and leading edge editor and mastering facilities, we can provide you with the highest quality digital media content. If you have recorded your own broadcast and just need it taken to the next level, we can help.
Vocal Booth But also if you have content and need it to be 'ready' for the Internet, so that it won't be a burden to your prospects and customers to download and view, we know all the angles here. Not only do we have all the facilities in house to do this, but we also host high bandwidth digital content.


Check our our audio media hosting service at if you need to see what we do.

So whether you need a complete production written, captured, edited, mastered and hosted, or any part of this whole process, you've come to the experts.

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