IT Managed Services

If your organization relies on technology for mission critical services, and yet finds it difficult to justify the high cost of employing internal IT staff, you may wish to consider outsourcing some or all key IT services to Tech Solutions.

Outsourcing is not what a lot of customers think - its not sending the work to India or some other far off place to be done. Its partnering with local IT talent in Arizona that can assist you in meeting your business goals.



Tech Solutions have over 25 years of IT services experience, and are considered 'best of breed' when it comes to network design & configuration, tech support, etc. After all we developed the award winning Eclipse Service Management Software used in over 400 IT services companies worldwide, for providing support services to customers.

Focus on security & affordability

We realize that the key reason that organizations are looking to outsource IT management services is because they feel it would be too expensive to do this internally, or that their core business is elsewhere and building an infrastructure to do this correctly may impede their focus on other more core business areas.

But many do not realize that not only will they see dramatic savings in labor costs but also a far better end result. Its often impractical for organizations to expect to have experts in networking, information security, hardware, operating systems, databases, application development and management, etc. all on staff. One person can't be an expert in all of these areas, and to have a team that can provide this level of skills without sacrificing any one in favor of another is VERY expensive. Outsourcing relieves this by letting clients leverage off the investments of others so that one crack team of IT professionals can cover all areas at an expert level.

Uncovering infrastructure weaknesses

Most IT departments working day in, day out in the same organization don't see obvious weaknesses in their IT designs that an outsider will see. They may also not have broad awareness of best practices or be able to compare client A with client B in terms of different ways to approach and solve a problem. Tech Solutions works with hundreds of clients, and can bring a true 'best of breed' approach based on real-life solutions we've implemented for customers for decades.

Did you know that, on average, 14% of all personal computers are infected with viruses, malware or trojans? Most organizations think they are secure from these things but don't realize that their faith in anti-virus software, etc. might be unwise considering the viruses that have historically done the most damage to business infrastructure do this usually with 1-5 days of their release - often before internal IT staff can update virus definitions, or before even the anti-virus companies can release solutions. We've lived through these times and have implemented facilities to ensure that clients are protected BEFORE the viruses hit. Its pretty common for us to find that 4 out of 5 clients who employ us as consultants to review their security, have viruses already infected internally, or have inadequate practices in place to combat them. Our managed services group install the best of breed protection against this right at the firewall level, to secure the entire organization. However if something gets invited in by an unwitting user, we have ways to detect and isolate it so that it can't run rampant.

Certified Systems Security Experts

Our cyber security team are CISSP certified and routinely work in areas such as computer forensics, assisting law enforcement on cyber crime issues, etc. You are working with a team with far more than a 'fleeting interest' in IT security with our managed services.

Focus on FREE and Open Source Technologies

Unlike most of our competitors, we don't just sing the Microsoft party line. We are not interested in setting up customers with just another Microsoft Windows pre-packaged server system that is an attractive attack-vector, or requires more hardware than necessary to do the right job.

Our expertise is in Linux and we actively participate on Open Source projects (such as the Firebird SQL foundation) to ensure the best solutions can be made available to our clients for the lowest costs. By focusing in on Linux as a core base for our server platforms, we can deliver the highest performance with the greatest level of tuning available. And not another Windows vulnerability legacy in our client's businesses.

Of course if you are running windows on your desktop or even server hardware, we can work with it seamlessly. But we'll hopefully show you that there are other ways to operate that are far less expensive, and in many cases totally FREE of cost in using Linux based systems that will save you tens of thousands of dollars in IT infrastructure spending, and reduce your exposure to security vulnerabilities while increasing your systems performance.

Open Source

Different plans for different organizational needs

Some of our customers need access to our support facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Others don't. Some customers need us to host email, file storage, databases, applications, etc. for them. Others have their own internal facilities for this. Some customers are bound by regulations for data privacy and security (e.g. PCI, HIPAA, etc.). Others don't.

We understand that not one support plan works for all customers. So we offer flexible plans that include:

We can quote you a plan that makes sense for your organization based on your goals and budget constraints. As we specialize in using FREE open source solutions, we can typically undercut most competitors by thousands without sending any work offshore for you, and sacrificing your security and protecting your intellectual property. Its common practice for so-called 'outsourcing' to simply mean work is sent to cheap overseas labor sweatshops where data theft is rife. We don't do that. We are local to Arizona and work locally in all cases. Our rates will reflect local labor costs, but we offset that with open source software commitments that reduces overall IT costs by not forcing you to purchase more hardware than necessary, or pay expensive software licensing costs to operating system and database vendors.

Next step

So if you are considering outsourcing your IT to a managed services provider you can count on, we'd love to get to know what you need and submit a proposal for how we can help. We feel confident that we can assist customers with this critical service and maintain the highest levels of quality, while providing them with enormous cost savings by outsourcing IT services to Tech Solutions.

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