Purchasing Tech Solutions products

If you are looking to purchase any Tech Solutions product, we offer a SECURE online shopping facility to make the process quick and simple. Also many Tech Solutions software products have PURCHASE facilities built right into them. Purchasing directly through the software will result in immediate order fulfillment.

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Purchasing within software

Most Tech Solutions software products have a PURCHASE button included in the software. Using this facility will result in a specific order for that product being placed. Payment for the order can be made with any major credit card.

Delivery of your unlock code to register the software is immediate if done this way, with no human intervention on your order required.

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We accept all major credit cards. Some product orders from non-USA residents may require special handling.

Credit Cards

Most Tech Solutions software products include a FREE trial period to allow you to install the software and try it out. We feel that providing the customer with a complete ability to evaluate the software before making a purchasing decision is the best way to empower our customers to be informed of the suitability of our products to their needs.

Consequently, however, we have a strict NO RETURNS policy on our software purchases. This is to combat the risk of software piracy which allows us to keep our prices low and affordable. You will be asked to confirm your acceptance of this NO RETURNS policy on any software order you place with Tech Solutions. Take advantage of our trial period to fully evaluate our software and make an informed decision on its suitability for your purposes.