We specialize in solutions. Sometimes that comes in the form of a pre-package software or web application. Sometimes they don't quite fit the needs of the customer and either need customization or something built from scratch. We can help!

Tech Solutions began its operations in the 1980s offering outsourced software development services to corporate customers who couldn't get fast turnaround on software projects from their internal IT departments. Over the years, we have developed hundreds and hundreds of high level business software solutions for customers worldwide.

Today Tech Solutions not only offers a large range of software and web products for sale, but still continues to offer programming services to customers, although most of these services typically orient around customization of our existing software and web hosted products. However if your organization is looking to expand its resources and needs local, US based software analysts, designers and developers, we'd certainly love to talk to you.

Technology Services Available

We take a lot of care in the personal relationships that we have with our customers. This means that our services focus on listening to the customer's needs, documenting and specifying exactly what is going to be done, and providing all the proper engineering process to ensure the highest quality of service delivered.

The services we offer include:


Software development and programming services

We pride ourselves on using the best in software engineering process and deliver all facets of a software development project to the ultimate level. Our programming team are based in Arizona, USA and have been around since the birth of the personal computer. Whether it be the building of a new system from scratch, or customizing one of our existing products, you can feel secure knowing the best team is working on your project for you.

Managed IT Services

Organizations, big or small, find competitive edge when outsourcing services to experts. If you are challenged with your own IT management, whether it be your network, servers, applications, security, or any part of your IT infrastructure, we can help. Our technicians are friendly, fast and reliable and can remotely monitor and prevent downtime for your organization at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself!

Computer Forensics, Security Assessments, Penetration Testing

In a world of cyber-security threats, your data is probably worth more than your current bank balance to a theif. But organizations continue to make security an after-thought rather than building it into their everyday practices. If you want to know your vulnerabililties, we can tell you. If you need to conform to government & industry regulations (ie. HIPAA, PCI, etc.) we can ensure you do and offer pre-audit services to identify weaknesses, etc. And if you want to see if you can be hacked, we can offer penetration tests to find your vulnerabilities

Asterisk Developers

Telephony integration, VoIP and Asterisk Development

Need to integrate custom telephony applications in your business? Need a custom call-in system for your clients? Need to create smart phone menus for your business that actually delivers real data to your customeres?

We don't limit ourselves to just developing great software, web applications and assisting customers with their IT requirements. We go one step further and are experts in the Asterisk VoIP Telephony system.


Consulting and Training services

The greatest and least expensive way to get the most out of technology is to leverage what you already have to the fullest. By utilizing our consulting and training services, you can take your existing technologies and extract everything out of them that is possible. Whether you need in-person or 'over the web' training or consulting, we can take care of this for you.


All services that we offer are specific to a customer's need. Therefore we don't have any pre-packaged services, or use templates to just make life easy for us. We do what is needed for a customer to reach their goals. We assume that if a customer comes to us with a specific and unique objective, its likely that they don't want their competitors being able to easily do it either. Therefore we make sure we make the customer succeed for their own competitive advantage.

Please CONTACT US with your needs so that we can propose a solution.