Software Development Services

Arizona Software Developers, Tech Solutions USA, LLC have been programming PCs since the dawn of the IBM PC. Yes, the long history of Tech Solutions and personal computer software development dates way back to the early 1980s. Over the years, our techniques and skills have been used on anything from small PC software products, to US Federal Military software development projects. By combining a total respect of engineering into the software process we leverage what works in the world of software development to the benefit of our clients.

Putting Software Engineering first

There are plenty of programmers out there. But there are VERY FEW software developers who understand business and engineering. And can combine this with an understanding of human psychology and user interface design. We feel quite unique in that our staff combine all of these skills to deliver solutions to clients - not just technology.

We ensure that all facets of the engineering process have been implemented perfectly on each software project including:

  • Feasiblity studies
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Systems Analysis
  • Design and Prototyping
  • Software coding
  • Quality Control, Testing & Integration
  • Implementation, Training and cut-over
  • Ongoing software maintenance

This is the difference between a Tech Solutions project and others. Most people think of software as programming, but as you can see from the list above its only one of many parts of the engineering process. Therefore if you are talking to a programmer about software development, you may in fact be talking to the wrong person.

Statistically, most software development projects fail because of a lack of attention to the Software Requirements. It makes perfect sense, really. If you ask someone to develop the wrong thing, then no matter how good a developer they are, you'll get the wrong thing. And since requirements are done first and foremost in the project, changing them after the project is underway particularly at the very end is often fatal to the project cost and timeline.

Our focus on quality requirement gathering & documentation is the main reason why we succeed and others fail. And as we know that customers often cannot visualize what we see and document in the requirements, we back up the requirements with solid prototypes, screen shots to demonstrate the resulting technology, etc. We give the client as much visibility to the process to take into consideration business change, flexibility, etc.

Software engineering is done to a strict 'Object Oriented' process, allowing for inheritance and leverage of modules within the project. This just makes perfect sense. By assembling together pre-built modules were possible, the client benefits from production tested code, and minimal labor effort to produce the end result.


We don't just know one programming language. We are experts in a variety of different technologies to ensure the right tool is used for the right job. Whether it be a PC software application, client/server project, multi-tiered software project, Web application, embedded system or any other type of project we have the skills and team to make it happen.

These are the technologies that we specialize in:

By using the right tool for the right job, we can ensure the client gets the maximum benefit and longest life out of their resulting software application.

Speciality Services

Our decades of software engineering experience has allowed us to adapt easily to any challenge we have been faced with. However there are certain technologies that we feel we are EXPERTS in. We have provided specific information on these technologies and the services we can offer in them below:


Project Management & Costing

Once we know the scope of the project and have completed requirements, we are able to bid all projects based on a fixed-price bid. We have a standard hourly rate we use for time calculations, and the client can see just how we have calculated the budget on the project.

We commit in writing to the budget and timelines and deliver accordingly.

Since we realize that requirement gathering is a key and important part of the engineering project, but we understand that a full budget is hard to define without this critical phase being completed, we can charge a time & materials basis just for this phase alone to the client and the deliverable is the requirement document. Even if we don't win the project for development, the client receives a high quality set of requirements that other developers would love to work from.


If you are considering us for your project CONTACT US to get a list of references from companies that are willing to talk to you about their experiences. Obviously every project is different, but we feel proud of what we have done for others but would prefer if you heard it from them.

Getting started

If you have a software development project looking for resources, then CONTACT US immediately. There is no cost or obligation to speaking with us about your needs and we are happy to help you out in anyway we can. Our consultant will explain to you any details on how we work and how we can assist in bringing your vision to a technological solution for your organization.